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Mods List

Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress Released, in development
(Latest Version: 5.05.05292008)
Lord Misfit
NRIOTDM-1.pngNRIOTDM-2.pngWhat will come to be an alternate-universe Duke Nukem story revolving around a pivotal point in the history of Duke Nukem and the Aliens he has faced since the original Duke Nukem 3D. Duke is no longer working alone in his quest, as his enemies ramp up their power and allegiances substantially, as well as their intelligence to a point. Play as up to 15 different characters, with the ability to use multiple characters in the same party, unlike in Hexen[and more like a real RPG]. Monsters are more interactive and to a point more intelligent, able to grab items like health and armor, get damaged by slime and other hazards, and even pick up powerups to make them deadlier in combat. Find money laying around or get it out of your characters' ATM accounts, and use it to buy new items from shops or other NPCs. Voice Acting is also present.
Duke Nukem: Weapon of Mass Destruction Released DeeperThought
Dnwmd1.jpgDnwmd2.jpgDuke Nukem: Weapon of Mass Destruction is a gameplay mod for Duke Nukem 3D. It has tons of new weapon modes, enemies, and player abilities, such as UT style dodge moves, spinning hook kicks, and a Duke bot companion who fights by your side. In some levels you can even get in your skycar and fly it, doing bombing runs on enemies. In DNWMD, Duke collects glowing coins from slain enemies which are used to purchase various upgrades via a mouse controlled menu. In addition, each of Duke's weapons has its own experience level which increases with use.
Duke Plus Released, in development DeeperThought
DP1.jpgDP2.jpgEnhanced Engine Design Capabilities, including: Transparent Water; Giving Monsters Special Flags; Climbable Ladders; Mantling/Grappling on ledges; Bot-Allies; Footstep Sounds; Rain and Snow-based weather effects; Quake3-Style Jump Pads; Slippery Floors; etc. Gravity gun footage
Nuclear Showdown Released James Stanfield
NS01.jpgNS02.jpgNuclear showdown is a gameplay mod for Duke Nukem that adds many features such as new weapons, enemies, effects to the default game as well as usermaps - it is built so you can play your favourite usermaps with, even ones that use custom art. You can also play through Duke it out in DC if you have it. The TC also includes several features for mappers like more keycards, items such as the spacesuit and toolkit, and more textures to work with.
The AWOL Project Source Released, Incomplete Source Reaper_Man, Hudson, Mblackwell, and the entire AWOL TC Team
AWOL1.jpgAWOL2.jpgThe AWOL Project Source is the release of the source files for the once highly anticipated mod, The AWOL Project. After several years of sitting idly on the hard drives of the creators, Reaper_Man and Hudson decided to release all of the content for the TC to those who might find it useful. The release includes a few demo maps showing off various effects and AI, as well as all 3 of the drivable vehicles. Most of the code is complete but very few of the maps are. There is an Official 1.0 Patch as well as the AWOL Map Pack available for download also.
Duke Nukem Army Unfinished release, development ceased Kenia
Teaser2.jpgTeaser3.jpgA TC that changes Duke Nukem 3D into an exaggerated army-style shooter. Gameplay footage
Stargate Mod Unreleased, in development The Commander
SGMOD1.jpgSGMOD2.jpgThe Stargate Mod for Duke Nukem 3D uses Duke Plus as a base. Fight against the Replicators and visit off-world deserts, forests, space ships, and even Atlantis—where anything can happen!
Madness Guts in the RooM Unreleased, in development 1master1tc
Madness2.jpgMadness3.jpgSilent-hill themed TC. Link to trailer
WG Medieval Mod Unreleased, in development William Gee, DeeperThought, Hellbound
WG1.jpgWG2.jpgMedieval mod with melee combat, magic bows, skeleton knights, dragons and demons. Gameplay footage
Symphony of Orekia (AKA The Mansion) Unreleased, in development Quakis
Mansion1.jpgMansion2.jpgResident Evil-style TC with Demons and creepy interiors.
Decay Unreleased, in development Hudson, Cage, others
Decay1.jpgDecay2.jpgSurvival-horror TC with zombies!
Blood TC Unreleased, in development M210
Blood1.jpgBlood2.jpgRecreation of Blood with EDuke32
AMC TC Unreleased, in development James Stanfield and AMC
AMCTC1.jpgAMCTC2.jpgThe AMC TC is a multi-character TC and gameplay modification. There are 8 characters to choose between, each with different weapon sets and items. Fight through the solar system against Duke's old enemies as well as other dark forces that each plan something unpleasent for Earth and Mars. A initial gameplay release with the finished characters, intromap, and Duke usermap episode is planned with actual story based releases later.
Action Duke Unreleased, In Development Captain Awesome and Hendricks266
Actionduke1.pngActionduke2.pngAction Duke is a mod that plans to take all weapons, characters, and items from the extended Duke universe, and from other BUILD and related games. Is on a slight hiatus, since coder Hendricks266 has to stop work. Captain Awesome (AKA BlitZ) is still working on artwork and some maps. Will not be a gameplay mod, but rather a full mod. Screenshots are only to show artwork, not a completed map.