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EDuke32 Wii (sometimes mistakenly called "WiiDuke32") is a Wii port of Duke Nukem 3D using EDuke32. For more information about the Wii port specifically and Wii homebrew in general, see WiiBrew.


Latest version

EDuke32 Wii r2729 Milestone 1

Old versions

EDuke32 Wii r2685


See Acquiring the EDuke32 Source Code.

SDL Wii and libaesnd

As part of his porting, tueidj made a few custom modifications to SDL Wii and libaesnd. The source and compiled libraries of SDL Wii (incorporating the modified libaesnd) can be found here:

To install the compiled libraries into the devkitPPC folder, type make install.

The modified libaesnd itself is necessary if you plan to compile your own SDL Wii. The patch, the patched source, and the compiled library and include header file can all be found here:

Building Instructions

These instructions require Windows or WINE.

  1. Set up Building EDuke32 on Windows using MinGW.
  2. Download and install devkitPPC.
  3. Download the modified SDL Wii, including libaesnd. If you want to compile it yourself, at the devkitPro shell, type make clean then make. Either way, type make install to copy the libraries to the devkitPPC library location.
  4. Run wiibuild.bat.


Gets the disassembly interspersed with line numbers:

powerpc-eabi-objdump -d -l boot.elf > eduke32.ppcasm

Gets the addresses of various data in the executable:

powerpc-eabi-nm -l boot.elf |sort > symbols.nm

Simplified PPC instruction set

To-Do List

  • Controls: Basic motion controls could be tapped, and GameCube controller support needs to be added.
  • Compile libogg, libvorbis, and libvpx.


EDuke32 Team

See the main EDuke32 Credits page.

Porting: tueidj

Merging: Helixhorned

Maintenance / Development: Hendricks266