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In the game setup menu, you will find the following options which allow you to configure various aspects of the game, including special multiplayer-only features and control over the different types of information the game can display on-screen.


The crosshair option allows you to configure whether or not you want the in-game crosshair to be displayed. Available settings are off, on (100%), on (50%), and on (25%).

Level Stats

The level stats option allows you to view your level statistics while in-game, including your number of kills out of the total enemies, the time elapsed, and the number of secrets found. This can be set to either hidden or shown.

Screen size

The screen size option adjusts the size of your field of view and enables you to switch between three modes for your status bar, also known as the heads up display (HUD). At the third to maximum size, a detailed hud will cover a complete portion of the bottom of the screen, while a more compact display containing only your health and ammo is available at the second to maximum size (which also gives you a better view of your weapon). Finally, if you increase your screen size as much as possible, you will receive no information at all, implying your HUD is completely hidden.

Status bar size

Status bar size can be used to adjust the size of your HUD while it's at either of its two different visible positions. Decreasing the size will reveal more of your screen, and vice versa. At default, this option is set to maximum, as originally intended by the Duke3D 3D Realms development team.

Run key style

Run key style allows you to configure the game to use a more modern style of run key. The available settings are modern and classic. If modern is selected, the run key will make the player walk if it is depressed while auto-run is enabled. If classic is selected, the run key will do nothing when auto-run is on.


Detail enables pixel-doubling in the original classic renderer. Available options are high and low. This option is only really useful for players running 8-bit classic mode on machines in the range of 150MHz.


The shadows option lets you enable or disable the game's sprite and model-based shadows. Leave this option on unless you have a very slow machine.

Screen tilting

Screen tilting controls the tilt effect which occurs when the player is dead, as well as the slight tilting when pressing the look left or look right keys. This can be set to either on or off.

Show opponent weapon

The show opponent weapon option determines whether or not the game displays the selected weapon of other players over their heads in multi-player.

Demo playback cameras

Demo playback cameras allows you to configure the usage of the flying demo cameras which appear in most of the original maps. Turn this off if you want demo playback to be shown entirely from the first person view of the player.

Record demo

The record demo option lets you record a gameplay demo for future playback. This option must be enabled before you start the game you wish to record. While the demo is being recorded, this option will say recording instead of on or off. Changing this option while recording a demo will halt the demo recording and save what was recorded to disk.

Parental lock

Parental lock is Duke Nukem 3D's content censor feature. This allows you to disable and password protect questionable content such as Duke's voice-overs, the various blood and gore, the strippers, and the various other adult content.

Adult mode

Adult mode is the toggle which enables and disables the parental lock.

Enter password

Enter password allows you to define the password necessary to switch adult mode back on if it is turned off.

HUD weapon

The HUD weapon option allows you to alter the display of the first person view weapon. Available options are on, icon, and off. If set to icon, the smaller pick-up weapon sprite will be displayed in place of the regular first person weapon art.

FPS counter

The FPS counter option is a simple toggle which allows you to display the current FPS (frames per second) on the top right of the screen.

Automatic voting

The automatic voting option allows you to specify an automated reply to the vote that must pass to change map in multi-player. Available options are off, vote no , and vote yes.

Send MP messages to all

Send MP messages to all determines whether or not you are prompted to choose a player to send each text message to in multi-player games consisting of more than 2 players. If set to on, you can still send a player a private message by holding shift when you press enter to send the message.

Display other player IDs

The display other player IDs option controls whether or not the names of other players are displayed under your crosshair when you aim at them in multi-player.

Show startup window

If show startup window is disabled, the dialog at startup in which you can select your video mode and GRP file will not be displayed.