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The player setup menu allows you to configure your multi-player name, color, team, et cetera. All options may be changed at any time during a single or multi-player game.


Name, of course, allows you to set your name in multi-player. The default value is Duke and it is highly recommended that you change this.


The color option allows you to set the color of your player's pants. This option also determines the color of Duke's mighty foot and the color of your name on the various scoreboards in multi-player. Available colors are: auto, blue, dark red, green, gray, dark gray, dark green, brown, dark blue, red, and yellow. All players with their color set to auto will have their color automatically assigned by the game at map load.


Team allows you to choose which team to play on in Team Dukematch. Available settings are blue and red. If you change team while a TDM game is already in progress, you will be instantly killed and will respawn on the other team.

Auto aim

The auto aim setting controls the degree of automatic aiming provided by the game. Available settings are full, hitscan, and off. If set to full, all weapons will automatically aim at monsters and other players if they are in the player's approximately 9 degree wide aiming code. If set to hitscan, this automatic aiming will only apply to hitscan-based weapons and not missile type projectiles such as rockets or shrink rays.

Weapon switch

Weapon switch allows you to configure under which circumstances you'd like the game to automatically switch weapons for you. Available settings are off, on pickup, when empty, and both.

Aiming type

Aiming type determines whether the mouse aiming key functions as a toggle or whether it must be held to enable mouse aim. Values are toggle and held. It is recommended that this option be left set to toggle.

Macro setup

The macro setup menu allows you to configure the game's 10 multi-player text macros. These macros can be used in-game by holding down shift and pressing F1 through F10.