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operateactivators <lotag> <player id>

When executed, will trigger the sprites ACTIVATOR (tilenum 2) and ACTIVATORLOCKED (tilenum 4) identified by the lotag. This works both from within actor and event code.


  • <lotag>: Either a gamevar or a constant. Identifies the activator to be triggered in the current map.
  • <player id>: Defines which player to send the "LOCKED" and "UNLOCKED" messages to, if triggered (quotes 4 and 8, respectively). A value greater than the current MULTIMODE will cause the messages not to be sent to any player.


activate <lotag>

A deprecated command originally found in pre-v1.0 prototypes of Duke Nukem 3D.

In EDuke32, it functions the same as operateactivators but with a fixed <player id> value of 0.