Acquiring the EDuke32 Source Code

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EDuke32 Distribution

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You can view the EDuke32 development history from your web browser!

For Developers

The EDuke32 project self-hosts its source code in a Subversion repository:

Git users may be interested in using Git-SVN for local development.

Various forks and mirrors have appeared on version control hosts such as GitHub, but without exception these mirrors have quickly fallen out of date.



It is recommended that you download the latest version from the EDuke32 Subversion (SVN) Repository.

Download and install a Subversion client, if applicable. Package managers usually have a subversion package. On Windows, here are some choices:

Run the following command:

svn checkout


If you are a developer who would rather use Git as a front-end, this is possible with the use of Git-SVN.

Here are Windows examples of Git clients:

To quickly jump into the action, run:

git svn clone -r HEAD

It is also possible to clone the entire SVN version history, but be aware that this process takes a long time so it is only recommended if you need to delve into the history for the purpose of bisecting.

git svn clone

See the following article for more information about how to use Git-SVN: Effectively Using Git With Subversion


Daily source tarballs are generated from the Subversion repository but they do not include metadata and Photoshop files for the purpose of saving space.

Old and older versions are also available but any use of them is highly discouraged.