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An action is an animation for an actor. Actions are defined outside of an actor.

action <name> <startframe> <frames> <viewtype> <incvalue> <delay>

<name> is the name of the action.

<startframe> is the starting frame number (relative to the main sprite of the actor).

<frames> is the total number of frames in the action. Must be at least 1.

<viewtype> is the number of sides. Values are: 1, 5, 7, and 8. 8 is the same as 5 but with no mirror.

<incvalue> is the direction of the animation. 1 to advance forward, -1 to go back.

<delay> is the delay between frames.

To call an action from within an actor simply put:

action <name>

Note: Every frame advance adds 1 to actioncount. To reset an animation, either call the action again or use resetactioncount. Starting a new animation will also set actioncount to 0.