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actor <picnum> <strength> <action> <move> <moveflag 1> [...] <moveflag N>

useractor <type> <picnum> <strength> <action> <move> <moveflag 1> [...] <moveflag N>

Defines parameters for in-game sprites, and allows code to be written for sprites of the specific tile number.

The token enda marks the end of the actor.


useractor notenemy MYACTOR2

Loosely speaking, "actors" are sprites that run code in game, such as enemies, breakable objects, etc.

When defined with actor or useractor, the sprites will execute their code once every tic, except for dormant enemies. Actors or dormant actors will have a statnum of 1 and 2 respectively.

Prior to v1.4, only tile numbers hard-coded to execute script would work with the actor command. After v1.4 new actors could be defined, and the useractor command was added which allowed actors to be defined as specific types for hard-coded behavior.

With useractor, the old actor command is deprecated.


define MYACTOR 3585

actor MYACTOR 0
  ifpdistl 1024 
    palfrom 32 0 16 0 

See also state.


All parameters after <picnum> are optional.

<type> is the actor type for special behavior. Only used by useractor.
<picnum> You can either input a defined name, or the tile number directly.
<strength> is the health of the actor.
<action> is the intial action an actor uses.
<move> is the initial move of the actor.
<moveflag> is a sequence of parameters that specify certain hard-coded movement behavior.


The type is technically a bitfield, though "3" is invalid. It is generally either "enemy", "enemystayput", or "notenemy".

Value DEFS.CON label gameflags Description
0 notenemy (None) Default. Code begins executing at the start of a level.
1 enemy SFLAG_BADGUY Enables hard-coded behavior. Code only begins executing upon player sight.
2 enemystayput SFLAG_BADGUY
Same as "enemy" plus the actor will not leave the sector it is placed in.
4 (None) SFLAG_ROTFIXED The actor's position in rotating sectors is calculated without rounding errors.