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* 1641 = Freezer Blasts (Auto-aims at player)
* 1641 = Freezer Blasts (Auto-aims at player)
* 1650 = Mortars (Like the first boss throws)
* 1650 = Mortars (Like the first boss throws)
* 2556 = Shrinkers
* 2605 = Rockets (Auto-aims at player)
* 2605 = Rockets (Auto-aims at player)
* 2556 = Shrinkers

==Turning Shooters Off==
==Turning Shooters Off==

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Build/Mapster32 Map Editing

NOTE: Much of information on this page is from around 1999. Some may be outdated, and some may be incorrect -- this page exists to get you started with the Level Editing and may not currently cover some of the additional features available in Mapster32.


Select the wall that you would like to turn into glass. It needs to be a dividing line between two sectors (a red line in 2D mode). Go to 3D mode and hover your mouse cursor on the floor or ceiling in front of this wall, and press 'M'. This causes the wall to be masked. Now select a glass texture for it (texture #503). If you like, you can hit 'T' once or twice to make it partially transparent. Now hit 'B' and 'H'. These make the glass wall blockable and hittable so that it both blocks the player and responds to being shot by breaking. It should look like a double pink line in 2D mode. That's all there is to it.

Secret Areas

Apply a lotag of 32767 to a sector to create a secret area. When the player walks over this sector, it counts as one secret area discovered. The game also totals the number of sectors assigned this lotag, so try to use only one secret sector for each secret area.



A shooter is basically something that repeatedly shoots an object of your choice. A good example of a shooter is the one located in episode 1, level 4. When you unlock the red keypad, the pad lowers, revealing a shooter that shoots "shrinkers" (the projectiles that make you shrink in size).

STEP 1: Create a sector from which the shooter will shoot from.

STEP 2: In this newly created sector, place one sector effector sprite, one GPSpeed sprite, and one Masterswitch sprite.

STEP 3: Place a Switch or Touchplate somewhere in your level and give it a unique lotag.

STEP 4: Give the Masterswitch sprite a hitag of 50 and the same lotag value as the switch.

STEP 5: Place one sector effector sprite where you want the shots to originate from. Change the angle of this sprite to the direction you want the shooter to shoot. Give this sprite a lotag of 36.

STEP 6: Now you must decide what you want to shoot. Do this by giving the GPSpeed sprite a lotag of one of the following values:

  • 1360 = Octabrain Blasts
  • 1625 = Alien Lasers
  • 1636 = Lizard Spit
  • 1641 = Freezer Blasts (Auto-aims at player)
  • 1650 = Mortars (Like the first boss throws)
  • 2556 = Shrinkers
  • 2605 = Rockets (Auto-aims at player)

Turning Shooters Off

See Section 'Shooters'. Simply replace the Masterswitch with an Activator. The Shooter can then be turned on/off with any Switch and/or Touchplate(s), in Mapster32.

Difficulty Settings

To assign difficulty levels to enemies, assign them with a lotag matching the desired skill level, such as 1 for Piece of Cake or 4 for Damn I'm Good.

Signs That Fall When Shot

Simply take a flattened sprite and assign it a unique hitag and it will be vulnerable to explosions. Assign multiple objects the same hitag, such as the faces of a 3D bridge, and each sprite will collapse together as a structure.

Lightning and Thunder (Version 1.4 or 1.5 Required)


To make the lightning bolt engine work, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Place several lightning sprites (#4890) in an outside area, and give each sprite *the same* unique hitag. The sky should also be cloudy (not required, but makes it look realistic).

STEP 2: Place a sector effector in each sector that contains a lightning bolt sprite. Give each sector effector a lotag of 28, and a hitag equal to the lightning bolt sprite's hitag value.

Making Rain

To make a raining effect, place Waterdrip sprites (#660) where you want them to be, and raise them to the ceiling of the sector they are in. Give each sprite a hitag of 1 to eliminate the dripping sound. Place a Musicandsfx (#5) sprite somewhere in the raining sectors, give it a lotag of 358, and a hitag of the distance the sound should be heard.

NOTE: Giving the rain drops a palette number of 13 is recommended.

Forcing Duke To Start Weaponless

Simply put the starting place over a floor-tile that hurts. E.G. HURTRAIL(#859) - LAVA(#1082) - SLIME (#200)

You can make Duke start weaponless, without hurting him.

  • STEP 1: Make a hole in the floor.
  • STEP 2: Put the HURT-TILE on the hole floor.
  • STEP 3: Place a sprite on the main floor, and make it flat (2 presses on [R] key)
  • STEP 4: Select the same texture as the floor tile. ([V] Twice)
  • STEP 5: Arrange the sprite, so it covers the hole.

NOTE: Make sure the sprite is "Hard" (purple in color) Point at the sprite, and press the [B] key

Making a MiniBoss

To include the boss from Episode 1 without the level ending when you kill him, give him a palette number of 21. He'll have less health than the Episode 1 boss. This also works for the bosses of episodes 2 and 3, but they will have only one health point. It does not work at all for the Episode 4 boss; she'll be as tough as always but she'll be coloured bright red.

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