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getarraysequence <gamearray> <gamevar 1> [...] <gamevar N>

getarrayseq <gamearray> <gamevar 1> [...] <gamevar N>

Saves the values of the first N entries of a gamearray to the provided gamevars.

Current the limit of gamevars is 32.

This is useful for creating a state that takes the values of multiple gamevars. A common usage is to make a custom rotatesprite function.


state Rotatesprite_Scaled
  getarraysequence Rotatesprite_Sequence X Y Scale Ang Picnum Shade Pal Orientation X1 Y1 X2 Y2

  ifn userdef[].statusbarscale 100
    sub X 160
    sub Y 200

    scalevar X X userdef[].statusbarscale 100
    scalevar Y Y userdef[].statusbarscale 100
    scalevar Scale Scale userdef[].statusbarscale 100

    add X 160
    add Y 200

  rotatesprite X Y Scale Ang Picnum Shade Pal Orientation X1 Y1 X2 Y2

  set X2 xdim
  sub X2 1
  set Y2 ydim
  sub Y2 1

  setarraysequence Rotatesprite_Sequence 160 166 65536 0 BOTTOMSTATUSBAR 4 0 24 0 0 X2 Y2
  state Rotatesprite_Scaled

See also setarraysequence.