Installation and configuration

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After downloading the latest version of EDuke32, namely a development snapshot, on your IBM-compatible PC, go ahead and run the executable file. You'll see a brief introduction to the Setup process, and the program will prompt you to click next.

You better comply with the License Agreement by clicking "I Agree," or you're shit out of luck. The jest of it is, don't do anything illegal with the software, including but not limited to redistributing it for profit or stealing its content without permission from the author.

Now the setup will ask you which components you want to install. If you're just here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, just make sure the Game box is checked. If you do a little modding on the side, you might as well click the checkbox that says Level Editor, which is actually an enhanced Win32 version of Mapster. For multiplayer support with the launcher DukesterX, check the next box as well. You'll want to install the Samples if you're planning to mess around with various enhancements for the game, including the HRP (High Resolution Pack).

Click next again, and this time you'll be presented with the folder address into which EDuke32 is to be installed. If you don't know what's good for you, leave it the way it is and click next again. Otherwise, specify your preferred folder and the setup will be more than happy to copy the game files there.

You're done... almost! Just wait a few seconds until the program installs, and you're ready to start configuring your way into kicking alien ass.