Installation and configuration

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Installing EDuke32

  1. Copy the contents of the DN3DINST or ATOMINST directory off of your Duke Nukem 3D or Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition CD to a directory of your choosing on your hard disk.
  2. Download the latest version of EDuke32 (currently a development snapshot) and start the installer. Note: if you downloaded the zip version of EDuke32 instead, extract it to the directory you created in step 1 and proceed to step 8. You may also use one of the frequently released snapshots found at
  3. Click next to view the terms of the GNU General Public License. If you agree to the licensing terms, click "I Agree" and continue to the component selection screen.
  4. Choose which components you'd like to install. The default selection is to install both EDuke32 and Mapster32,
  5. Run EDuke32!

Configuring EDuke32

EDuke32 has several configuration menus full of options which allow you to adjust many aspects of the game to your preference. The following pages will explain the various sub-menus and the settings you will find within them when you select options from the game's main menu.