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makepalookup { [...] }

Interface to creating palette lookups containing both color index remapping (only in effect for non-hightile textures) and fog. This is in contrast to fogpal, which always resets the remapping to the identity mapping ("pal 0").


pal <palnum>

The palette number, must be from 1 to 250.

red <value> (or r)
green <value> (or g)
blue <value> (or b)

Specifies a color component value, in the range of 0 to 63. Unspecified components are assumed to be 0 and any out of range values are clamped to the maximum or minimum as appropriate.

remappal <palnum>

The palette number to take the index remapping from, i.e. 21 for blue -> red. When absent, defaults to 0.


The same as remappal <palnum>, where <palnum> is the number provided for the pal token.


This creates palookup 200 with a fog of (30,0,0) and a blue-to-yellow remapping (assuming it has not been changed before):

makepalookup { pal 200  red 30  remappal 23 }

This 'fogifies' palookup 21 with a red fog:

makepalookup { pal 21  red 30  remapself }

This overwrites palookup 21 with a red fog, but clears the blue-to-red remapping:

makepalookup { pal 21  red 30 }