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music <num> <x1> <x2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <etc>

Sets up music to be played during levels depending on how <num> is used, and how many levels there are.


<num> - 0 (This will mean that only <x1> and <x2> apply, <x1> being the music for the title screen, and <x2> being the music for the end.) <num> - 1-4 (This really depends on how many episodes you have, you don't really need to put four 'playlists' if you dont have four episodes.)

<1-etc> - TEMP.OGG (This is the music file to be played during whatever level number it applies to.)


music 1 E1M1.mid E1M2.OGG E1M3.mid E1M4.mid

(To be played on episode 1, levels one thru four.)

See also definevolumename, definelevelname

NOTE: supports MIDI, OGG and FLAC.