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PROJ_WORKSLIKE is a [[defineprojectile]] property used to set flags for projectile function. It is a [[bitfield]]. The flags (defined) are:
#REDIRECT [[defineprojectile]]
define [[PROJECTILE_HITSCAN]]                    1
define [[PROJECTILE_RPG]]                        2
define [[PROJECTILE_BOUNCESOFFWALLS]]            4
define [[PROJECTILE_KNEE]]                        16
define [[PROJECTILE_WATERBUBBLES]]                32
define [[PROJECTILE_TIMED]]                      64
define [[PROJECTILE_SPIT]]                        256
define [[PROJECTILE_COOLEXPLOSION1]]              512
define [[PROJECTILE_BLOOD]]                      1024
define [[PROJECTILE_LOSESVELOCITY]]              2048
define [[PROJECTILE_NOAIM]]                      4096
define [[PROJECTILE_RANDDECALSIZE]]              8192
define [[PROJECTILE_EXPLODEONTIMER]]              16384
define [[PROJECTILE_RPG_IMPACT]]                  32768
define [[PROJECTILE_RADIUS_PICNUM]]              65536
define [[PROJECTILE_ACCURATE_AUTOAIM]]            131072
define [[PROJECTILE_FORCEIMPACT]]                262144
define [[PROJECTILE_REALCLIPDIST]]                524288
define [[PROJECTILE_ACCURATE]]                    1048576
define [[PROJECTILE_NOSETOWNERSHADE]]            2097152
Note that the damage on impact bit (32768) must be set on the WORKSLIKE of any RPG type projectile (i.e. nonhitscan) for which the projectile itself does damage, as opposed to the damage being caused only by the hitradius.
Syntax is:
[[defineprojectile]] <tile number> '''PROJ_WORKSLIKE''' <flag value>
Add all the desired flags together, and use that value for <flag value>. This works similar to [[cstat]].

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