Sector Effector Reference Guide

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Build/Mapster32 Map Editing

NOTE: Much of information on this page is from around 1999. Some may be outdated, and some may be incorrect -- this page exists to get you started with the Level Editing and may not currently cover some of the additional features available in Mapster32.

Sector Effector Lotag Listing

0: Rotating sector (See SE0)
1: Center point for above
2: Earthquake
3: Random light effect after light is shot out
4: Random light effect
5: N/A
6: Subway Engine (Pulls other cars)
7: Transporter
8: Door opens - room lights up
9: Ceiling light lowers - room lights up
10: Door auto close (set Hitag to delay)
11: Swinging Door
12: Light switch
13: Used to make holes in walls
14: Subway car
15: Sliding door (ST 25)
16: N/A
17: Elevator transporter (ST 15) See SE17.
18: Incremental sector rise/fall (PPAK only)
19: Lower ceiling when explosion hits sector
20: Stretch sector (ST 27)
21: Lower floor or ceiling (ST 28)
22: Prong for teeth doors
23: One way teleporter exit (PPAK only)
24: Conveyor belt or water current
25: Engine Piston (moves up and down)
26: N/A
27: Demo Camera Location
28: Lightning Bolt Engine (PPAK only)
29: Used to make waves
30: 2 way train (ST 31)
31: Used to raise or lower the floor
32: Used to raise or lower the ceiling
33: Earthquake Debris
34: N/A
35: N/A
36: Used for Shooters