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The following values are used by tint.

Value Label Description
1 HICTINT_GRAYSCALE Convert to grayscale.
2 HICTINT_INVERT Invert colors.
4 HICTINT_COLORIZE This enables the "colorize" color mode. This mode is similar to "multiply", except the end result will make the pixels 4x brighter. A value of 64 has no effect.
8 HICTINT_USEONART Applies the tint instead of lookup palette on 8-bit tile.
64 HICTINT_BLEND_SCREEN This enables the "screen" color mode. This mode increases the colors proportionally. A value of zero has no effect.
128 HICTINT_BLEND_OVERLAY Enables the "overlay" color mode. This mode increases or decreases the colors of the pixels from the middle. A value of 128 has no effect.
64 + 128 HICTINT_BLEND_HARDLIGHT Same as overlay, but changes the priority between texture or color during the calculation.
256 HICTINT_ALWAYSUSEART Force 8-bit texture to be displayed even if a hightile was defined.
512 HICTINT_NOFOGSHADE Force an even visibility on the texture. Can be set for all palettes with GLOBAL_NO_GL_FOGSHADE on globalflags.