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When modding for Eduke32 there are some files you will need to edit certain aspects of the game. Here we will cover the needed programs for each aspect.

.GRP Editing

.GRP files are basically like a zip file, they hold all of the relevant files for the game, and keep your folders tidy. There are numerous programs available for use, even some crude extraction and grouping programs came on the Duke3D disc in the goodies directory: "KGROUP" and "KEXTRACT". While lacking a GUI, they get the job done. There are other programs, which can view art files inside the .GRP, and listen to sound bytes. Other programs include, ".GRP File Studio" and Roma Loom's ".GRPViewer".

.CON Editing

.CON files hold most of the important code for the game. To edit the con files, you actually dont need any special programs. Just open the .CON files in your favorite text editor. Special editing programs for writing CON code do exist, though all of them so far have only been developed for use with 1.5 Coding. Therefor, they will cause problems if you try to use Eduke32 exclusive parameters.

.ART Editing

.ART files hold all the raw art data, in a tidy manner. Once again, there are numerous programs available which can edit the .ART files. The most commonly used program is the one that came with Duke Nukem 3d: Editart. Editart still works on most Windows XP computers. Other programs include, "BastART" and "DukeRES".

.MAP Editing

.MAP files are your levels. There arent too many widely used .MAP editors, the most commonly used and recommended one is Mapster32, which comes with Eduke32. The other commonly used one is Jonof's BUILD, which comes with JFDuke3D. Originally, BUILD from the /Goodies directory on the Duke3D disc was used. Other mapping utilities were made, but are now obsolete, these include "Mapster" and "Makemap".

.PAL Editing

.PAL Files hold the palettes, special palettes, and shade tables for the game. This is one of the most loathed and untouched editable features of Duke3D. While incredibly difficult, it can come to good effect. One of the few .PAL editors is the "Build Customization Suite".

.ANM Editing

.ANM files hold raw .PCX files, which are added together and then played as an animation. In the game these are the animations you see at the end of a boss fight. The sounds for the animations are not included in the .ANM. One of the few .ANM compiling programs is "Animation File Maker".


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