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The video setup menu is used to adjust several aspects of the game's video display.


Resolution allows you to select the screen resolution. Use the arrow keys to dial through all available screen resolutions.


Renderer allows two render options, Software or OpenGL. There are in fact three renderers in the game which can be toggled with the setrendermode console command.

Full Screen

Full Screen is a toggle for Yes (Full Screen) or No (Windowed)

Color Correction

Color Correction opens to the the following sub-menu:
  • Gamma is a slider to adjust the gamma of the display.
  • Contrast is a slider to adjust the contrast of the display.
  • Brightness is a slider to adjust brightness of the display.

Pixel Doubling

Pixel Doubling is the correct terminology for the Detail option in the original game's option menu, with Off corresponding to High Detail and On to Low Detail. When enabled, this setting cuts the amount of detail on screen in half by drawing the game viewport at half the current resolution then doubling the pixels from 1x1 to 2x2. This option only appears for the Classic renderer and is recommended to be Off at all times unless the hardware you are using is incredibly weak making this a necessity.

Renderer Setup - Software

Renderer Setup when in the 'Software' mode opens to the the following sub-menu:
  • Aspect Ratio is an adjustment for the selected screen resolution. 'Auto' is recommended for most systems. Other options are Old Regular and Old Wide.
  • Ambient Light Level is a slider that adjusts the visibility of the game. Depending on the selected screen resolution is affects the visibility of the scene and objects within.