Teeth Doors

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Build/Mapster32 Map Editing

NOTE: Much of information on this page is from around 1999. Some may be outdated, and some may be incorrect -- this page exists to get you started with the Level Editing and may not currently cover some of the additional features available in Mapster32.

Teeth Doors


This door never appears in the game (it has a few minor problems) but it is very cool anyways.

STEP 1: Create a sector for the door, and two square sectors inside the door sector (for the teeth of the door). All these sectors should be valid player space.
STEP 2: Lower the teeth sector floors down until you can no longer see the floor (even when looking down at an angle).
STEP 3: Give the door sector a sector lotag value of 29 and a unique sector hitag value.
STEP 4: Place one sector effect in each tooth sector. Give each sector effector sprite a sprite lotag value of 22. Also give each sector effector sprite a sprite hitag value equal to the door sector hitag value. You're done! Look at the tutorial map if you don't quite understand.
NOTE 1: This door must start in the open position for it to properly work.

Another Way To Do Teeth Doors

Using this method, the door can start in the closed position. Thanks goes to Jaap Menist for writing this in the first place.

STEP 1: Create the following sectors. All are valid player space.
          +------------------+         +---------------+
          |                  |         |               |
          |                  +---------+               |
          |                  |  +---+  |               |
          |                  |  | d |  |               |
          |                  |  +---+  |               |
          |       A          |    C    |       B       |
          |                  |  +---+  |               |
          |                  |  | e |  |               |
          |                  |  +---+  |               |
          |                  +---------+               |
          |                  |         |               |
          +------------------+         +---------------+
Sector 'A' and 'B' are the rooms, sector 'C' is the door and sectors 'd' and 'e' are the teeth in the door.
STEP 2: Make all floors and ceilings equal height. (When the door is finished you may raise the ceiling of 'A' or 'B' if you like).
STEP 3: Now here's a nice one; The floors of sectors 'd' and 'e' have to be lowered, so holes appear. The amount you have to lower each sector can be calculated like this:
('PixelHeight of door' / 3) - 2
So you divide the door-height by 3 and subtract 2 from the result. This is the number of times you have to hit page-down when lowering the floor of sectors 'd' and 'e'. Weird eh? It looks as if the teeth move 3 times as fast as the door. Now you have two pretty deep holes where the teeth will sink into.
STEP 4: Put sector effectors in 'd' and 'e' and give them a lotag of 22. Give them the same unique hitag number. Put the sector effectors on the floor of 'd' and 'e'.
STEP 5: Lower the ceilings of 'd' and 'e' to their floors. In other words, put the teeth all the way down.
STEP 6: Give sector 'C' a lotag of 29 and the same hitag you issued for hitags of the effectors in 'd' and 'e'. So sector 'C' hitag is equal to the hitag of the sector effectors in sectors 'd' and 'e'!
STEP 7: Lower the ceiling of sector 'C' to the ground and you're done !
STEP 8: You can put a music sprite in sector 'C' for a door sound and a sector effector sprite to make the door auto-close. Now you have a door which is closed in the initial state, when it opens you see the teeth shoot up and if you stand in the doorway looking down into the holes, you get squished when the bastard shuts its mouth! :)