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The ai command is used in two different ways:

  1. To define a combination of actions and movements for an actor to execute.
  2. To execute a predefined ai within the actor's code.

Define an ai outside of the actor code using the following syntax:

ai <name> <action> <move> <moveflags...>
<name> is the name of the ai routine.
<action> is the action the actor will display when the ai routine is called.
<move> is the move used during the ai routine.
<moveflags...> is a (possibly empty) sequence of parameters that specify certain hardcoded movement behavior.
Values for each <moveflag> (defined in DEFS.CON) are:
faceplayer, geth, getv, randomangle, faceplayerslow, spin, faceplayersmart, fleeenemy, jumptoplayer, seekplayer, furthestdir, and dodgebullet. See move for more information.

Execute a predefined ai inside the actor code using the following syntax:

ai <ainame>