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artfile { [...]}

loads an ART file. You can use the "tile" sub-token to overwrite the starting tilenum of the file from def.

This is useful because ART files will load faster than images loaded through tilefromtexture (which must undergo a color matching process), and because tiles making use of palette indices which have duplicate colors in the stock Duke 3D palette but not in other palettes (such as the 3D Realms screen) are negatively affected by the aforementioned process.


file <filename>

The .art file to load from.

tile <tilenum>

The starting tilenum of the images in the art.


artfile { file "" } // loads just as if it had been named TILES020.ART
artfile { file "" tile 2000 } // loads starting at index 2000 instead of the tilestart value contained within it