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The Build engine has its own set of units termed "Build Units."


Build units expressed in terms of length, width, and height. One block of the largest grid size in Build editor equal to 1024.

The height scale is different. A z coordinate is 16 times that of x-y coordinates. In other words, a wall with 1024 of length equal in height for a value of 16384.

1024 units also equal to the default (non-stretched) size of an 64 pixels tile (i.e. pavement texture, ventilation duct texture, etc).

In real world proportions, 1024 units is around 2 meters / 6 or 7 feet. That scale is beyond that of a standing human (Duke or babes characters) and the usual size for doors height.


For orientation in the rotational direction, the Build engine uses a 2048-degree scale (as opposed to 360 degrees.)

This means that a 90 degree angle is equal to 512 build units. In relation to the direction a sprite/actor is facing, a value of 0 means the actor/sprite is facing due East. The numbering goes up clockwise until 2047 (just counterclockwise from facing due East.)


Build units expressed in time. One second is equal to 30 Build engine time units.