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Build/Mapster32 Map Editing

NOTE: Much of information on this page is from around 1999. Some may be outdated, and some may be incorrect -- this page exists to get you started with the Level Editing and may not currently cover some of the additional features available in Mapster32.



Mirrors are basically a one-way wall that uses the mirror texture, which is texture #560. Some funny stuff exists with mirrors, but when made properly, they can be a great addition to any level.

STEP 1: Create a one-way wall where you want the mirror to be placed. Remember that one-way walls can only be made on red lines in 2D mode. They are created by pressing the [1] key in 3D mode where you want the mirror to go. Change the texture of this one-way wall to texture #560. If you have created this one-way wall correctly, you will not be able to see through the mirror texture (you will only see a pink background).
NOTE 1: This mask should not be on a wall where the player can see the wall itself. Doing so causes the wall texture to shift when the mirror is broken by an explosive weapon, which makes the effect look quite ugly. Create one buffer sector on either side of the mirror to prevent the player from seeing this problem. Take a look at the mirror in the tutorial map to see to see the "buffer sectors" that make the effect non-visible.
STEP 2: Create a sector behind the mirror (on the opposite side from which the player will view the mirror), and make it *quite* large.
STEP 3: In 3D mode, press the [B] and [H] keys when the mouse pointer is over the mirror. This makes the mirror breakable and it can be hit by Duke's weapons.
STEP 4: If you want Duke to say "Damn, I'm looking good" when you press the space bar while looking into the mirror, give the side of the mirror that the player will look into a wall lotag of 252. You can do this in 3D mode, by pressing the [']+[T] key on the mirror texture, and entering the value. Or you can do it in 2D mode by moving the mouse pointer to the side of the mirror the player will be on, and pressing the [ALT]+[T] key (make sure the grid is turned off). You're now done - Take a look at the tutorial map if you don't quite understand.

Problems and Solutions with Mirrors

Map Name: NONE

PROBLEM - My mirror doesn't show bullet holes when shot.
SOLUTION - Make sure you are pressing the [1] key in 3D mode (to make a one-way mask) instead of the [M] key. Also make sure that the hitscan flag (press [H] on the mirror in 3D mode) is set.

Making the Two Way Mirror


This effect allows a 2 way mirror to be made (i.e. - you can go behind the mirror and look through it to the other side), like the one in E4L5 "Pigsty".

STEP 1: Create a mirror as described in the mirror how-to.
STEP 2: Create two very thin sectors that run parallel with the mirror (one on one side of the mirror, and one on the other side of the mirror). Make sure that these sectors are very thin, because they will contain the "Hall of Mirrors" effect, and you want this to be as unnoticeable as possible.
STEP 3: Create some way to access the area behind the mirror. Now you are finished with the construction. Take a look at the tutorial map if you don't quite understand.

Note: If you plan to use a one way mirror, keep in mind that when the mirror is broken, it will show a wooden tile in place of the mirror and the illusion is lost.

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