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Build/Mapster32 Map Editing

NOTE: Much of information on this page is from around 1999. Some may be outdated, and some may be incorrect -- this page exists to get you started with the Level Editing and may not currently cover some of the additional features available in Mapster32.

Types of Sound Effects

Map Name: TUTORIAL.MAP (ROOM 6-C, 6-D and 6-E)

There are four sound effects available. The fourth is in the 'Sector Activated Sounds' chapter.

The first 3 sound effects described here use sprite #5 (Music&SFX) as follows:

1. Activation Sound (ROOM 6-C) When used in a sector with a sector lotag, this sound will play when the sector's lotag function is activated (i.e. - A door opening).

  • Lotag : Number of the starting (or main) sound you want to play.
  • Hitag : Number of the ending (or secondary) sound you want to play.
  • Placement : In any sector with a sector lotag.

2. Ambient Sound (ROOM 6-D) When used in a sector without a sector lotag, an ambient sound will be played when the player walks near.

  • Lotag : Number of the sound you want to play
  • Placement : In any sector with a sector lotag.

3. Echo Effect (ROOM 6-E) When used in a sector without sector lotag, all sounds will have an echo effect.

  • Lotag : 1000 + the amount of echo (from 0 to 255, with 0 being the least amount of echo)
  • Placement : In any sector with a sector lotag.

Note: Mapster32 shows a dashed circle, in the 2D mode, on how far a sound may be heard. The sounds can be heard/tested in the 3D mode, if the toggle key F4 in in the on mode. When entering the High/Low tags, Mapster32 gives you instant confirmation on the sound and sound types you entered.

Adding Your Own Music and SFX

Custom sounds and music can be added to Duke Nukem 3D. For the original Build engine, background music must be in .mid (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) format. Sound effects are to be either in .voc (Creative Voice) or .wav (WAVE) formats.

The Eduke32 engine supports all of the above formats, as well as .flac (FLAC) and the .ogg (Ogg) format; for background music as well as for Sound effects.

Sounds can be added either by replacing existing sound files or introducing new one's and list them in the con files. The latter is beyond the scope of Mapster32 and may be found on the scripting section in the wiki. To replace a sound file simply rename the custom music or sound effect to the exact same filename of an existing music or sound effect file and place this file in the main directory (file folder )where the executive file of the game resides.

Note: If you plan to use WAVE files, the file should be recorded in 8/16bit PCM with a sampling rate in multiples of 11025 Hz.

Sector Activated Sounds


This sound technique allows you to trigger a sound when Duke walks into a certain sector. An example of this would be from Episode 1, Level 3 where Duke enters the revolving room and hears : "Too late Nukem. We're in control now!".

To make a sector activated sound, simply give the sector you want to be the "trigger" sector, a lotag of 10+++. +++ is the sound number that will be played. The sound number for Duke saying "Damn!" is 214, so the sector would have a lotag of 10214 if you wanted to play this sound. Note that these types of sounds only play once.

Making Phones Ring


Making telephones ring can be a trick, but it's pretty easy to do.

STEP 1: Make your telephone sector. This effect works best when the telephone is a sector and not a sprite.

STEP 2: Place a sprite on the front of the telephone. Change this sprite into a switch (#132 works just fine) and resize the switch to match the size of the front of the phone. In 3D mode, press the [1] key while the mouse pointer is over this switch sprite. Then rotate the switch sprite (with the [<] and [>] keys) so that you cannot see the sprite (the angle should face the back of the phone).

STEP 3: Give the switch a unique lotag value. The hitag value of this switch is the sound number that you want to play upon activating the phone (by pressing the space bar). The sound for a busy phone signal is a hitag value of 174, but you can use any sound you wish to use.

NOTE: Dipswitch sprites don't seem to work, so use the SLOTDOOR type switches.

The Sound Effects Listing

A listing of sound effects is available for download at Dukeworld or read it on-line at Duke 3D Sound List at Pastie

A detailed study of the sound effects was conducted and the results are available here:

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