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definegametype <gametypenum> <flags> <name>

Define a new game type available in multiplayer.


<gametypenum> Define the gametype number. Numbers 0-4 are already defined. Maximum is 16.
<flags> See flags below
<name> Define the gametype name.


The following values are used with definegametype and gametypeflags

Exposed Value Label Description
No 1 GAMETYPE_COOP Cooperative
No 2 GAMETYPE_WEAPSTAY Weapon pick-ups stay
No 4 GAMETYPE_FRAGBAR Show frag bar in status bar
No 8 GAMETYPE_SCORESHEET Show scoresheet when a deathmatch game ends
No 16 GAMETYPE_DMSWITCHES Spawn deathmatch switches (non-zero palette)
No 32 GAMETYPE_COOPSPAWN Use co-operative spawn points (lo-tag 1)
No 128 GAMETYPE_COOPVIEW Allow accessing the view of other players
No 256 GAMETYPE_COOPSOUND Allow co-operative sounds
No 512 GAMETYPE_OTHERPLAYERSINMAP Show other players in the automap
No 1024 GAMETYPE_ITEMRESPAWN Respawn items
No 2048 GAMETYPE_MARKEROPTION Enable respawn markers option
No 4096 GAMETYPE_PLAYERSFRIENDLY Enable friendly fire option
No 8192 GAMETYPE_FIXEDRESPAWN Player always spawn in the same point
No 16384 GAMETYPE_ACCESSATSTART Players have all access cards on start
No 32768 GAMETYPE_PRESERVEINVENTORYDEATH Players preserve all weapons and items on respawn
No 65536 GAMETYPE_TDM Team deathmatch
No 131072 GAMETYPE_TDMSPAWN Use team deathmatch spawn points
define GAMETYPE_COOP                    0x00000001
define GAMETYPE_WEAPSTAY                0x00000002
define GAMETYPE_FRAGBAR                 0x00000004
define GAMETYPE_SCORESHEET              0x00000008
define GAMETYPE_DMSWITCHES              0x00000010
define GAMETYPE_COOPSPAWN               0x00000020
define GAMETYPE_ACCESSCARDSPRITES       0x00000040
define GAMETYPE_COOPVIEW                0x00000080
define GAMETYPE_COOPSOUND               0x00000100
define GAMETYPE_OTHERPLAYERSINMAP       0x00000200
define GAMETYPE_ITEMRESPAWN             0x00000400
define GAMETYPE_MARKEROPTION            0x00000800
define GAMETYPE_PLAYERSFRIENDLY         0x00001000
define GAMETYPE_FIXEDRESPAWN            0x00002000
define GAMETYPE_ACCESSATSTART           0x00004000
define GAMETYPE_TDM                     0x00010000
define GAMETYPE_TDMSPAWN                0x00020000

Default values

  • definegametype 0 19480 Dukematch
  • definegametype 1 46051 Cooperative
  • definegametype 2 16410 Dukematch (no spawn)
  • definegametype 3 216088 Team Dukematch
  • definegametype 4 213018 Team Dukematch (no spawn)