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Duke Theft Auto



  • Q. Is this mod finished and downloadable yet?
  • A. No it is not, but there is a Alpha that is available for download from here. Duke Theft Auto Alpha
    But I don't give any support for this version and it is only to give people an idea if the mod can run on there computer.

  • Q. When will the mod be completed?
  • A. Do I even have to say? "When it's done"

  • Q. Will the weapon from GTA [insert GTA title here other than GTA I] be in this mod?
  • A. No. The only weapon that has been used that isn't in GTA I is the shotgun from GTA II.

  • Q. NYPD, LAPD, SFPD. Don't Fuck With Me!
  • A. Yes all the original GTA I classic songs are there. Including that favorite of everybody's.

  • Q. Will the helicopter and the boat be in the mod, even though the helicopter was in GTA I but not used?
  • A. I may include the helicopter but as a police enemy. Not flyable because if the player is able to view the whole city your FPS will bite you where it hurts. I am not sure about the boat at this stage.

  • Q. Are the maps identical to the original GTA I maps?
  • A. In the way of layout, No.

  • Q. Are there any missions? If so are they the GTA I ones?
  • A. Yes there are, but they are not identical to the GTA I ones.

  • Q. Do I need to own Duke Nukem 3D to play this?
  • A. No you don't. This mod will be a standalone mod that doesnt require you to own Duke Nukem 3D. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy Duke Nukem 3D. It's a great game and it only costs $10 bucks now. Support 3D Realms and grab a copy from the online shop.


  • The Commander - Leader, Code, Art, Sound, Models, Mapping
  • Dr. Kylstien - Code (Cars sloping correctly)
  • The Eastrums - Music
  • The Stinger - Art

Special Thanks: