How to display negative numbers with the digital font

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In the default game, there is no minus symbol for the digital numbers. When you try to display a negative number with the digital set, it displays the steroids icon instead of a minus symbol. With that knowledge, in this tutorial, we will take advantage of the dynamicremap command to move the steroids icon to a different slot, and the tilefromtexture to add in the new minus symbol and the steroids icon.


In GAME.CON/EDUKE.CON, put this at the top of the file:


Down in DEFS.CON where it says:

define STEROIDS_ICON 2469

Change to:

define STEROIDS_ICON 2459 // 2469

This will tell the game to display tile #2459 for the steroids icon, instead of #2469. Currently, tile #2459 is empty, so we will have to re-add the steroids icon, as well as the minus symbol.

Download (1.67 kb), and extract it to your base-level mod directory.

Finally, put this at the bottom of duke3d.def. It will add in the 8-bit art required for the steroids icon and minus symbol, as well as adding high resolution versions of the two tiles.

undefmodel 2459
undeftexture 2459

copytile 2459 { tile 2469 }

undefmodel 2469
undeftexture 2469

tilefromtexture 2469 { file "highres/8bit/2469.png" xoffset -4 yoffset -3 }
texture 2469 { pal 0 { file "highres/screen/fonts/digital/2469.png" } }

Viola! If you want to test it, put this at the top of GAME.CON:

gamevar PLR_MORALE -5 0

The large HUD should display "-5" under ARMOR.


Hendricks266: minus symbol art, both 8-bit and highres; tutorial