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movesprite <sprite id> <xvel> <yvel> <zvel> <clipmask> <returnvar>

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movesprite gives the capability to move an actor along an arbitrary x, y, or z velocity and adjust the clipmask used, thereby changing what the actor will collide with. The variable <returnvar> will equal htmovflag, which will be either 0 or the id of what was hit. This is sectioned by different areas of the struct. Add 16384 to <returnvar> to get the result of the sprite structure member that may have been hit for example.

Critical notes: It is possible that <zvel> will be non-functional unless "fall" is called immediately before movesprite. Also movesprite and move commands do not mix well. You are likely to get unintended results.

Calculating appropriate velocity values

With the regular move command we can simply pass in a horizontal speed value, but for movesprite we need to separate this into velocities on the x and y axis. Here's one method of doing this:

defstate movesprite_state
	geta[].ang angvar
	cos my_cos angvar
	sin my_sin angvar

        // divide or multiply the cos and sin values to change the speed.
        // default result is already quite fast so you probably want to divide (shiftr)
	shiftr my_cos 4
	shiftr my_sin 4

	movesprite THISACTOR my_cos my_sin zvel CLIPMASK0 RETURN