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Sector Effector #17

    SE 17 : Elevator Transport
       :Used as an Elevator that transports from one elevator shaft to
        another to simulate going straight up from one floor to another.
       Hitag : Equal to one other SE 17.
       Sector Lotag : 15
       Sector Hitag : 0 = Bottom Floor
                      1 = Top Floor
       Angle : none
       Shade : Darkest shade of the two SE 17 with equal Hitag is the
               starting floor for the elevator.
       Palette : none
       Comment :
          :Top and Bottom floors must be physically built at proper height
           difference to work properly.
          :Both Elevators must be Exactly the same size.

  • Taken from BUILDHLP.EXE for Duke Nukem 3D, Documentation by Allen H Blum III & Richard "Levelord" Gray. Additional documentation by Kenneth Silverman.