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SE2 or Earthquake is a SECTOREFFECTOR used to trigger an earthquake. The earthquake effect shakes the screen for around 4 seconds, shifts the sector about 280 Build Units (9 Squares on grid size 6) and affects slopes.


Mappers can create an SE2 by placing a SECTOREFFECTOR into their map and editing it's properties in 2D Mode.

SE2 Properties
Property Value Notes
Lotag 2 Use ALT+T in 2D Mode to set the Lotag value. Set it to 2.
Angle Direction Set using < and > in 2D mode, this determines in which direction the sector will shift.


  • This effect can only be activated by placing a MASTERSWITCH in the same sector.
  • Sprites in the sector may continue to shake after the effect has completed.
  • You can place SE33 sprites to spawn debris but these will spawn debris whenever any earthquake occurs in the map.
  • If this SE is placed in a sloped sector, the slope will appear flat before the effect is triggered. Once the effect is triggered it will gradually slope to 1536 units (3 presses of [ or ]).