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SE3, referred to as Random Lights after shot out, is a SECTOREFFECTOR which causes shading to change randomly once a light texture is damaged, making the broken lights appear to be flickering.


Mappers can create an SE3 by placing a SECTOREFFECTOR into their map and editing its properties in 2D Mode.

SE3 Properties
Property Value Notes
Lotag 3 Use ALT+T in 2D Mode to set the Lotag value. Set it to 3.
Hitag Link Use ALT+H in 2D Mode to set the Hitag value, this must match the hitag of either a sector or a wall with a breakable light texture.
Shade On Shade Use '+S in 3D Mode to edit the sprite's shade. This will be the shade of the sector whilst the lights are ON before they are shot.
Palette Off Palette Use ALT+P in 3D Mode to set the palette, this will be the palette of the sector when the lights are OFF and will remain this way.
Hitag Link Use H in 2D Mode the sector's hitag, ALT+H to edit a wall's hitag or use '+H in 3D mode. This must match the SECTOREFFECTOR hitag.
Palette On Palette Use F7 in 2D Mode to edit the sector's properties and F8 to edit each wall or use ALT+P in 3D mode. This will be the palette the sector displays when the light is ON.

Note how this is the reverse of the behavior of the shade.

Shade Off Shade Use F7 in 2D Mode to edit the sector's properties and F8 to edit each wall or use ALT+S in 3D mode. This will be the shade value for the sector as it appears when the light is OFF.

The shade of the floor will also be used for the ceiling and the value of the firstwall will be used for all walls in the sector.


  • Lights will not always flash after the player destroys them, in this case, the lights just appear to be off.
  • You can use this effect with SE12 (Light Switch), at least, until the lights are destroyed.
  • The effect can be used with walls, though you may have to experiment a little to make it work the way you want it to. Generally it only works with Two-Sided Non-Masked walls. It can work with a masked wall that has it's Hitscan bit set (Press H in 3D Mode) but the light texture will not break.
  • The SE3 does not have to be in the same sector as the light texture.
  • You may preview the effect by pressing '+X in Mapster32, but the effects of the shade will be reversed in-game.
  • You can set the shade of the SE4 to a brighter or darker value than the sector.
  • You can check to see whether the HITAG is unique or not by highlighting the SE4 in 2D mode and pressing Left Shift.
  • Setting a wall's HITAG to 1 will cause it to ignore the shade of the SECTOREFFECTOR; such a wall will always have the shade value you assigned to it, even if it is different to the firstwall. The palette will still change.
  • Using the above HITAG trick, it is possible to have different shade values for each wall, you can set the floor palette to 4, which would turn the entire sector black when the effect is active.
  • The floor and ceiling of the sector can be set to different palettes, walls will use the floor palette.