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SE5, often named Sector Boss, Boss Creature, or Homing Turret is an incomplete and "undocumented" effect. Sectors with an SE5 will follow a path of LOCATORS until it reaches the one nearest the player as well as shooting a harmless FIRELAZER (The weapon used by the LIZTROOP). The effect has several bugs.


Mappers can create this effect by placing a SECTOREFFECTOR into their map and editing it's properties.

SE5 Setup
Property Value Notes
Lotag 5 Use ALT+T in 2D Mode to set the Lotag value. Set it to 5.
Angle Direction Use < and > in 2D Mode to select the angle. If you want the sector to face the player, have the SECTOREFFECTOR face int he opposite direction. The angle of both the SECTOREFFECTOR and the FIRELAZER it emits are reversed.
Lotag Number Use ALT+T in 2D Mode to set the Lotag value. Start with 0 and increment by 1 for each locator. They do not have to be in any particular order.


  • The position of the SECTOREFFECTOR will determine the pivot point for the sector as it moves, it will also determine where the FIRELAZER appears to come from.
  • The sector will stop firing and stop moving if you are too far away.
  • The ceiling of the sector will flash black randomly when the sector is moving.
  • You can set relativity by pressing R on the sector ceiling in 3D Mode. This also works for the sector floor.
  • The effect is incapable of moving sprites - even active or effector sprites.
  • The effect does not respond to GPSPEED sprites.
  • You will need to set up LOCATORS sprites for this effect.
  • The sector will find it's own path to the LOCATORS which isn't always a sensible route.
  • Keep LOCATORS away from walls as the sector might cross the sector boundaries, causing visual glitches.