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The ordering of the different categories is not set in stone, but there are some reasons for ordering the way I have:

Sprites are the most commonly used structure, since they relate the most to the old v1.5 CON features.

Projectiles are extremely close to sprites, so they come next.

The player shares some of the concept of the sprite structure, so it comes next.

I'm not sure about the tsprite structure's placement. It has everything in common with sprites, but it only affects screen drawing.

Sectors are next, followed closely by wall.

Userdef comes next, and input last.


-Hendricks266 15:34, 28 March 2011 (PDT)

The reason i changed it was because i wanted it to be in same order as it is on the scripting page. You can change it the way you want it. But i think it should be in the same order as on the scripting page.