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texture <tilenum> { [...] } (or tile)

Defines a Hightile texture to replace an ART-file tile. <tilenum> may be a number, or a defined label.


pal <palnum> { [...] }

Replaces the palette <palnum>. If a palette has no pal definition palette 0 definition will be used. Tint will not be used on palettes defined with this instruction.

detail { [...] }

Defines a detail texture for the texture.

glow { [...] }

Defines a glow map for the texture.

specular { [...] }


normal { [...] }


file <filename> (or name)
Defines which texture file to use. File may be any PNG, JPG, DDS, TGA, BMP, GIF or PCX file. This instruction must be supplied.
alphacut <value>
Sets the level of transparency at which a pixel in the texture is considered opaque. Pixels with more transparency than the cut-off are not drawn to the screen when rendered. The default setting is 0.32, which is just below the 33% transparency level of Build. If your texture has areas that are more transparent than the default, you can lower the cut-off level to preserve that detail.
Prevents the texture from being compressed using S3TC if texture compression is enabled.
Prevents the texture from being downsized.
artquality <value>
xscale <value> (or detailscale / scale / intensity)
yscale <value>
Sets the scale of the hightile texture in relation to the original texture. A <value> of 1.0 makes it the same size, higher makes it cover more then the original tile and smaller makes it cover a smaller area. xscale (aka scale, detailscale, intensity) sets the horizontal scale and yscale sets the vertical scale.
orig_sizex <value>
orig_sizey <value>
specpower <value> (or specularpower / parallaxscale)
specfactor <value> (or specularfactor / parallaxbias)


texture 3586 {
  pal 0 { file "mymod/tree.png" }
  pal 21 { file "mymod/tree_red.png" xscale 2.0 yscale 2.0 alphacut 0 nodownsize nocompress }
  glow { file "mymod/tree_light.png" }
  detail { file "mymod/plant_texture.png" scale 0.5 }