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Current Project: Beginner's Guide to EDuke32

--Usurper 16:41, 5 Sep 2005 (CDT): Basic layout, intro and linkage, began variables section

--Usurper 18:31, 22 September 2005 (CDT): Watching Tx do all the hard work here while lamenting my long hours at work without overtime

Requests III

Events for the + and - keys (screen sizing) to

  1. Remove the stuttering and sound effect that occurs when pressing them when screen size is set in-con by the userdef screen_size and
  2. Allow these keys to be used for something else.

Custom non-static walls - would allow the player to define a tile #. It would be possible to allow these custom walls to:

  1. Harm the player on contact (forcefield property)
  2. Bounce the player back (forcefield property)
  3. Absorb, impact, or reflect projectiles
  4. "break" and change to another tile
  5. Spawn glass, debris, or custom actors
  6. Pan X or Y at independently varying speed

Previously Granted Requests


define PROJ_TIME - Would allow a custom projectile to vanish or detonate after a certain number of counts. Whether they simply disappear or spawn their explosion/hitradius/etc. would be dependent upon a flag.

define PROJ_RANGE - For melee weapons, would give the weapon's range. A dagger should have a shorter range than a longsword, and a longsword should have a shorter range than a spear, but there isn't a simple way do this currently.

More Requests

noshade - Plug this into an actor and it will ignore sector shading.

Yes, I'm the fucker...

...that requested ezshootvar.