Voxel (DEF)

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voxel <filename> { [...] }

Defines a voxel to replace sprites. filename is the name of the .KVX file containing the voxel. The brace-enclosed block may contain these instructions:


tile <tilenum>
tile0 <start tilenum>
tile1 <end tilenum>

Use these instructions to map tiles that should be rendered as a voxels. Use tile to map a single tile to be rendered as voxels and tile0, tile1 together define a range of tiles to be rendered as voxels. The tile0 instruction should appear before the tile1 instruction to define a correct range.

scale <value>

<value> is a (possibly fractional) value specifying a scaling factor for the voxelmodel when it is rendered, eg. 1.5 for one-and-a-half times as big.