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clipmove <return> <x> <y> <z> <sectnum> <xvect> <yvect> <walldist> <flordist> <ceildist> <clipmask>
clipmovenoslide <return> <x> <y> <z> <sectnum> <xvect> <yvect> <walldist> <flordist> <ceildist> <clipmask>

Calculates the movement of any object, starting from position (<x>, <y>, <z>) and sector <sectnum>, in any direction at velocity (<xvect>, <yvect>), keeping the object will a distance <walldist> from walls, <flordist> from floors, and <ceildist> from ceilings.

<clipmask> is a mask that tells whether the object should be clipped to or not. The lower 16 bits are bitwise ANDed with wall[].cstat and the higher 16 bits are bitwise ANDed with sprite[].cstat.

<return>, <x>, <y>, and <sectnum> must be writeable gamevars, and may be modified as the result of the calculation.

<return> value:

0 (touched nothing)
32768+wallnum (wall first touched)
49152+spritenum (sprite first touched)