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Files can be *.grp/zip/con/def
Files can be *.grp/zip/con/def
To enable hi-def music packs, use the -g switch with eduke32.  
To enable hi-def music packs, use the -g switch with eduke32.  

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Usage: eduke32 [files] [options]
Example: eduke32 -q4 -a -m -tx -map nukeland.map

Files can be *.grp/zip/con/def

To enable hi-def music packs, use the -g switch with eduke32.

For example: eduke32 -g duke3d_flac_v4.zip

Duke32_flac_v4.zip can be found here: http://sc55.duke4.net/games.php#duke3d

You can also substitute duke3d_flac_v4.zip with one of the other Duke3D music packs at the above link or other similar packs from other sites ending in those file extensions.

Command Description Notes
-addon [0,1,2,3] Use one of the Megaton-edition packaged addons for duke3d 0 = none, 1 = Duke it out in D.C., 2 = Duke: Nuclear Winter, 3 = Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach
-cfg [file.cfg] Use an alternate configuration file
-clipmap [file.map] Load an additional clipping map for use with clipshape
-c# Use MP mode #, 1 = Dukematch, 2 = Co-op, 3 = Dukematch (no spawn)
-d [file.edm] Play a demo
-g [file.grp/.zip] Use an extra group file
-h [file.def] Use an alternate def
-j [dir] Adds a directory to EDuke32's search list
-l# Warp to level # see -v
-map [file.map] Loads a map
-mh [file.def] Include an additional def module
-mx [file.con] Include an additional CON script module
-m Disable monsters
Run in NAM or WWII GI -compatible mode
-server Start multiplayer server (see multiplayer)
-r Record demo
-s# Set skill level (1-4)
Enables/disables startup window [only on Windows, SDL, and/or GTK2 environments]
-t# Set respawn mode: 1 = Monsters, 2 = Items, 3 = Inventory, x = All
-usecwd Read game data and configuration file from working directory [non-Windows only]
-u######### User's favorite weapon order (default: 3425689071)
-v# Warp to volume # see -l
-x [game.con] Load custom CON script
-# Load and run a game from slot # (0-9)
Display this help message and exit
-debughelp Display debug parameters message and exit
-a Use fake player AI (fake multiplayer only)
-cachesize # Sets cache size, in Kb
-fNUM Send fewer packets in multiplayer (1, 2, 4) (deprecated)
-game_dir [dir] Duke3d_w32 compatibility option see -j
-gamegrp Selects which file to use as main grp
-i# Use networking mode (1/0)
-name [name] Player name in multiplay
-nD Dump default gamevars to gamevars.txt
-noautoload Disable loading content from autoload dir
-nologo Skip the logo anim
Disable sound or music
-q# Fake multiplayer with # (2-8) players
-rmnet Use network config file (OBSOLETE, see -net)
-stun Use UDP hole punching for multiplayer connections
-w Show coordinates
Enable line-by-line CON compile debugging at level #