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Usage: eduke32 [files] [options]
Example: eduke32 -q4 -a -m -tx -map

Files can be *.grp/zip/con/def

To enable hi-def music packs, use the -g switch with eduke32.

For example: eduke32 -g

Duke32_flac_v4 can be found here:

You can also substitute with one of the other Duke3D music packs at the above link or other similar packs from other sites ending in those file extensions.

Command Description Notes
-addon [0,1,2,3] Use one of the Megaton-edition packaged addons for duke3d 0 = none, 1 = Duke it out in D.C., 2 = Duke: Nuclear Winter, 3 = Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach
-cfg [file.cfg] Use an alternate configuration file
-clipmap [] Load an additional clipping map for use with clipshape
-c# Use MP mode #, 1 = Dukematch, 2 = Co-op, 3 = Dukematch (no spawn)
-d [file.edm] Play a demo
-g [file.grp/.zip] Use an extra group file
-h [file.def] Use an alternate def
-j [dir] Adds a directory to EDuke32's search list
-l# Warp to level # see -v
-map [] Loads a map
-mh [file.def] Include an additional def module
-mx [file.con] Include an additional CON script module
-m Disable monsters
Run in NAM or WWII GI -compatible mode
-server Start multiplayer server (see multiplayer)
-r Record demo
-s# Set skill level (1-4)
Enables/disables startup window [only on Windows, SDL, and/or GTK2 environments]
-t# Set respawn mode: 1 = Monsters, 2 = Items, 3 = Inventory, x = All
-usecwd Read game data and configuration file from working directory [non-Windows only]
-u######### User's favorite weapon order (default: 3425689071)
-v# Warp to volume # see -l
-x [game.con] Load custom CON script
-# Load and run a game from slot # (0-9)
Display this help message and exit
-debughelp Display debug parameters message and exit
-a Use fake player AI (fake multiplayer only)
-cachesize # Sets cache size, in Kb
-fNUM Send fewer packets in multiplayer (1, 2, 4) (deprecated)
-game_dir [dir] Duke3d_w32 compatibility option see -j
-gamegrp Selects which file to use as main grp
-i# Use networking mode (1/0)
-name [name] Player name in multiplay
-nD Dump default gamevars to gamevars.txt
-noautoload Disable loading content from autoload dir
-nologo Skip the logo anim
Disable sound or music
-q# Fake multiplayer with # (2-8) players
-rmnet Use network config file (OBSOLETE, see -net)
-stun Use UDP hole punching for multiplayer connections
-w Show coordinates
Enable line-by-line CON compile debugging at level #