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In the game setup menu, you will find the following options which allow you to configure various aspects of the game, including special multiplayer-only features and control over the different types of information the game can display on-screen.


The crosshair option allows you to configure whether or not you want the in-game crosshair to be displayed. Available settings are off, on (100%), on (50%), and on (25%).

Level Stats

This option allows you to view your level statistics while ingame, including your number of kills out of the total enemies, the time elapsed, and the number of secrets found.

Screen Size

Don't confuse this with the screen reslution. Rather, this option adjusts the size of your field of view (FOV) and enables you to switch between three modes for your status bar, also known as the heads up display (HUD). At the third to maximum size, a detailed hud will cover a complete portion of the bottom of the screen, while a more compact display containing only your health and ammo is available at the second to maximum size (which also gives you a better view of your weapon). Finally, if you increase your screen size as much as possible, you will receive no information at all, implying your HUD is completely hidden.

Status Bar Size

You can use this to adjust the size of your HUD while it's at either of its two different visible positions. Decreasing the size will reveal more of your screen, and vice versa. At default, this option is set to maximum, as originally intended by the Duke3D 3D Realms development team.

Run Key Style



Depending on how powerful your machine is, you should adjust this option accordingly. Though the vanilla (plain) version of Duke3D can run on any machine these days, you may want to tone down the detail option if you're playing with the high resolution pack (HRP).


Once again set this option to max unless you have an inferior machine--unless you don't care much for visual realism in your game.

Screen Tilting


Run Key Style