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This feature is deprecated.
It's recommend not to use this feature.

gametext <tilenum> <x> <y> <quote> <shade> <pal> <orientation> <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2>
gametextz <tilenum> <x> <y> <quote> <shade> <pal> <orientation> <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> <textscale>

Prints a defined quote to the screen.

<tilenum> is the first tile of a sequence of characters. See tile 2822 for an example.

<x> X coordinate, ranged 0-320 (divided in half so that x=319 will start in the middle of the screen; x=320 is a special case that centers the quote)

<y> Y coordinate, ranged 0-200

<quote> is the quote to print, as defined by definequote.

<shade> and <pal> are obviously shade and palette.

<orientation> controls the way the sprite is drawn (see entry). Note: It is recommended that you always include bit 16 so that the letters will be placed correctly.

<x1>, <y1>, <x2> and <y2> are boundaries on the screen that define where the text may be drawn.

<textscale> is the scaling size of the text to use. 65536 is full size, 32768 is half size and 131072 is double-size.

setvar x 320                                // "x=320" centers text
setvar y 100
setvar shade 0
setvar pal 0
setvar tilenum STARTALPHANUM
setvar orientation 26
setvar TEMP 100
redefinequote TEMP This is ^10red           // tints the word "red", 10 is red.

gametext tilenum x y TEMP shade pal orientation ZERO ZERO xdim ydim

Please note that as with digitalnumber, digitalnumberz, gametextz, minitext and friends, gametext only works during events.