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A single player style map is most of the time different to a multiplayer style map. If you plan to make maps incorporating both styles, all locked pathways should to be operable for mulitplayer, at all time.
* Step 1. Construct the locked path.
* Step 2. Add an additional switch and set the color palette to 1. The switch is then only visible in Multiplayer.
* Step 3. Match the lowtag of the switch to the lowtag of the element<sup>1</sup> controlling the locking mechanism<sup>2</sup>.
To see how it is done, simply open any original Duke 3D map.
1) [[Activator]], [[Activatorlocked|Activator Locked]], [[Keycard Doors|Keycard]], [[Walls and Wall Effects#Forcefields and Controlling Them|Force Field]] and [[Masterswitch]].<br>
2) [[Locked Lifts|Elevator]], [[Doors]], [[Walls and Wall Effects#Forcefields and controlling them|Force Field]] and more.
[[Category:Editing Doors]]
[[Category:Editing Doors]]

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