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rotatepoint <xpivot> <ypivot> <x> <y> <ang> <xreturnvar> <yreturnvar>

Rotates the point around the pivot by the specified angle and returns the coordinates into xreturnvar and yreturnvar.

<xpivot>, <ypivot>: the coordinates (X and Y) of the central pivot point
<x>, <y>: the coordinates of a point to rotate in relation to the pivot point
<ang>: how many units to rotate (2048 per revolution; clockwise)
<xreturnvar>, <yreturnvar>: the post-rotate coordinates of the point

This command can be used in conjunction with dragpoint for rotating sectors. The rotatepoint command calculates the end position for a wall point after rotating. To move the point to that position, use dragpoint.

Swapping the X and Y axes or negating <ang> gives the effect of rotating in the opposite direction (CCW instead of CW).