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The sound setup menu is used to adjust several aspects of the game's sound output.


Sound simply allows you to toggle the game's sound on and off.


Music is another simple toggle.
  • If your add-on music pack is not working, please note that if you are using texture packs such as the HRP, Eduke32 loads add-ons in alphabetical order. Your Music Pack must be loaded last, after everything else. To ensure it will be loaded properly, rename it so the first letter of the pack filename is either the letters "x" or "z."

Sound volume

Sound volume is a slider allowing you to adjust the volume of the game's sound effects.

Music volume

Music volume is a slider allowing you to adjust the volume of the game's MIDI music.

Duke talk

The Duke talk option allows you to configure the playback of Duke's voice-overs. Available settings are all, off, and local. If set to all, you will hear pain and death sounds emitted from other players in multi-player, similar to version 1.3D of Duke Nukem 3D. When set to local, the behavior mimics that of Duke Nukem 3D 1.5 and only sounds from the local player are played. When set to off, no Duke sounds are played at all.


The ambience setting toggles the game's ambient sounds on and off. It is recommended that this option be left on.

Flip stereo

When enabled, flip stereo swaps the left and right stereo channels.