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tilefromtexture <tilenum> { [...] }

Used to generate an 8-bit tile from an image file. Use the alpha channel for transparency instead of the pink color.


file <filename> (or name)

Defines which texture file to use. File may be any PNG, JPG, DDS, TGA, BMP, GIF or PCX file. This instruction must be supplied.

alphacut <value>

Sets the level of transparency at which a pixel in the texture is considered opaque. Pixels with more transparency than the cut-off are not drawn to the screen when rendered. The default setting is 0.32, which is just below the 33% transparency level of Build. If your texture has areas that are more transparent than the default, you can lower the cut-off level to preserve that detail.

xoffset <value> (or xoff)
yoffset <value> (or yoff)

Set the offsets of the tile.


Set texture hitscan for the tile.


The texture will be converted to the game palette without fullbright colors.


Creates a true-color version of this tile, allowing it to bypass palette limitations in polymost and polymer.


Allows this tile to use true non-power-of-two texture support. Prevents weird texture panning and repeating behavior when using a texture that has a non-power-of-two Y dimension.

ifcrc <value>


ifmatch { [...] }


crc32 <value>
size <width> <height>