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Category:EDuke32 Developers contains the primary authors of EDuke32 who have access to the Subversion Repository for the program's source code, and as such direct developmental impact.

Also, see Category:Important People for individuals who have made a large impact on EDuke32's development and deserve special recognition.

More information can also be found on the EDuke32 website contact page and menus.cpp.

Individual Contributors

The following is a list of people who have helped with EDuke32 or Mapster32 in one way or another. If you've contributed code or other resources to EDuke32 or Mapster32, your name deserves to be here. If you feel you've been forgotten, contact TerminX immediately to be added.

Name Contribution
Adam Fazakerley netcode stuff
Alan Ondra testing
Charlie Honig showview command
Dan Gaskill testing
David Koenig merged a couple of things from duke3d_w32
Ed Coolidge Mapster32 improvements
Ferry Landzaat testing
Hunter_rus tons of stuff
James Bentler Mapster32 improvements
Javier Martinez EDuke 2.1.1 stuff
Jeff Hart website graphics
Jonathan Smith testing
Jose del Castillo EDuke 2.1.1 stuff
Lachlan McDonald official EDuke32 icon
Marcus Herbert OS X compatibility work
Matthew Palmer testing and domain
Ozkan Sezer SDL/GTK version checking improvements
Peter Green dynamic remapping, custom gametypes
Peter Veenstra port to 64-bit
Philipp Kutin Mapster32 improvements, TROR, VP8, clipmaps, cleanup, and tons of other stuff
Randy Heit random snippets of ZDoom here and there
Robin Green CON array support
Ryan Gordon Duke3D port sound code
Stephen Anthony early 64-bit porting work

Special Thanks

3D Realms Entertainment

Todd Replogle