Multipsky (DEF)

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multipsky { [...] }

Defines a set of tiles to be used on a parallaxed texture.


tile <tilenum>

The tile number that will display the set of tiles.

panel <number> <offset>

Define multiple texture to be used by one parallaxed texture.

lognumtiles <value>

By default, the engine will display 8 parallaxed textures in 360 degrees, regardless of the width of the tiles. Use this to change the number of parallaxed textures horizontally.

The number of parallaxed textures equals 2<value>.

yscale <value>

Change the y-scale of the sky.

yoffset <value>

Change the y-center of the sky.

horizfrac <value>

Change the scale which the sky moves up or down with the vertical angle.

The default value is 32768. A value of 65536 means the sky will align perfectly with the horiz, like the sky used in the Derelic level.


Defines a set of tiles identical to the Los Angeles sky (tile #89) used in Duke Nukem 3D:

multipsky 89
  lognumtiles 3
  horizfrac 17408
  panel 0 1
  panel 1 2
  panel 2 1
  panel 3 3
  panel 4 4
  panel 5 0
  panel 6 2
  panel 7 3