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Mods List

Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress Released, in development Lord Misfit
RPG-Style(w/ EXP, Levels, etc); Multiple Characters(in one party, not Hexen-style); Improved Monster Interactivity with Environment/Objects; Interactive ATM Usage; Shops & Money System; etc.
Duke Nukem: Weapon of Mass Destruction Released DeeperThought
Duke Nukem: Weapon of Mass Destruction is a gameplay mod for Duke Nukem 3D. It has tons of new weapon modes, enemies, and player abilities, such as UT style dodge moves, spinning hook kicks, and a Duke bot companion who fights by your side. In some levels you can even get in your skycar and fly it, doing bombing runs on enemies. In DNWMD, Duke collects glowing coins from slain enemies which are used to purchase various upgrades via a mouse controlled menu. In addition, each of Duke's weapons has its own experience level which increases with use.
Duke Plus Released, in development DeeperThought
Enhanced Engine Design Capabilities, including: Transparent Water; Giving Monsters Special Flags; Climbable Ladders; Mantling/Grappling on ledges; Bot-Allies; Footstep Sounds; Rain and Snow-based weather effects; Quake3-Style Jump Pads; Slippery Floors; etc.
Nuclear Showdown Released James Stanfield
Nuclear showdown is a gameplay mod for Duke Nukem that adds many features such as new weapons, enemies, effects to the default game as well as usermaps - it is built so you can play your favourite usermaps with, even ones that use custom art. You can also play through Duke it out in DC if you have it.
Duke Nukem Army Unfinished release, development ceased Kenia
A TC that changes Duke Nukem 3D into an exaggerated army-style shooter.
Stargate Mod Unreleased, in development The Commander
The Stargate Mod for Duke Nukem 3D uses Duke Plus as a base. Fight against the Replicators and visit off-world deserts, forests, space ships, and even Atlantis—where anything can happen!