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definecheatdescription <cheat_id> <cheat_desc>

dcd <cheat_id> <string>

The provided <string> defines a description for the cheat with index <cheat_id>. This changes the name of the entries inside the Cheats menu.

Maximum description size is 64 characters.

Note that CHEAT_KROZ, CHEAT_TIME and CHEAT_COMEGETSOME do not have a corresponding menu entry, and their descriptions will hence not be shown.

Cheat Id Reference

The following values are used with activatecheat, definecheat, definecheatdescription and EVENT_ACTIVATECHEAT.

Exposed Value Label Description
No 0 CHEAT_CORNHOLIO Toggle god mode and infinite Jetpack
No 1 CHEAT_STUFF Give all weapons, inventory and keys
No 2 CHEAT_SCOTTY Change level to ###
No 3 CHEAT_COORDS Display coordinates
No 4 CHEAT_VIEW Toggle third-person view
No 5 CHEAT_TIME Prints the message "Crosshair: off"
No 6 CHEAT_UNLOCK Activate all doors, switches, etc
No 7 CHEAT_CASHMAN Spawn money when pressing use
No 8 CHEAT_ITEMS Give all inventory and keys
No 9 CHEAT_RATE Display frame rate
No 10 CHEAT_SKILL Change skill level to #
No 11 CHEAT_BETA Prints the message "Pirates Suck!"
No 12 CHEAT_HYPER Give and use Steroids
No 13 CHEAT_MONSTERS Toggle monsters
No 16 CHEAT_TODD Prints the message "Register Cosmo Today!"
No 17 CHEAT_SHOWMAP Toggle full automap
No 18 CHEAT_KROZ Toggle god mode
No 19 CHEAT_ALLEN Prints the message "Buy Major Stryker"
No 20 CHEAT_CLIP Toggle no-clipping mode
No 21 CHEAT_WEAPONS Give all weapons
No 22 CHEAT_INVENTORY Give all inventory
No 23 CHEAT_KEYS Give all keys
No 24 CHEAT_DEBUG Display debug data and create file
No 26 CHEAT_COMEGETSOME Toggles godmode, gives full health + armor and gives all keys, weapons and ammo (no inventory items). Unlike CHEAT_KROZ, does not unset the 'dead' flag on the player.
define CHEAT_CORNHOLIO                  0
define CHEAT_STUFF                      1
define CHEAT_SCOTTY                     2
define CHEAT_COORDS                     3
define CHEAT_VIEW                       4
define CHEAT_TIME                       5
define CHEAT_UNLOCK                     6
define CHEAT_CASHMAN                    7
define CHEAT_ITEMS                      8
define CHEAT_RATE                       9
define CHEAT_SKILL                      10
define CHEAT_BETA                       11
define CHEAT_HYPER                      12
define CHEAT_MONSTERS                   13
define CHEAT_TODD                       16
define CHEAT_SHOWMAP                    17
define CHEAT_KROZ                       18
define CHEAT_ALLEN                      19
define CHEAT_CLIP                       20
define CHEAT_WEAPONS                    21
define CHEAT_INVENTORY                  22
define CHEAT_KEYS                       23
define CHEAT_DEBUG                      24
define CHEAT_COMEGETSOME                26